What We Offer

Intro to climbing

(1 hr)


Designed for people interested in getting a taste of the sport. Get introduced to the gym, shown what bouldering is and get belayed on 3 climbs. Leads naturally into the Adult Top Rope lesson.


Outdoor Transitions (2 hrs)


For those interested in moving from the indoor facility onto some real rock, the CUBE’s outdoor transitions lesson allows participants the opportunity to experience climbing at the local crags in the area. No prior climbing experience necessary, after meeting up at the crag, instructors will lead the group through easy bouldering and show you how to climb outside.

Refresher Top-Rope Belay Lesson
(30 min)


For those of you that that need a little refresher in order to pass the belay test and climb safely, this is a great way to refresh the brain with a professional instructor.

Outdoor Top Rope (2 hrs)


Do you want to learn how to climb on a rope in the gorgeous outdoor areas in the west Kootenays? Our Outdoor Top Rope class will run you through how to belay and tie in and stay safe. No prerequisites necessary, our ACMG certified instructors will ensure you remain safe and have a great time.

Adult Top Rope Lesson
(2 hrs)


For those of you that want to learn how to top rope belay, we’ll start from scratch. We’ll explain what a harness is, how to wear it, how to tie a figure-8, good communication to use whilst climbing and how to belay and lower safely.  Everything you need to know in order to pass the Cube Climbing Belay Test.

Adult Lead Lesson (2 hrs)


For those of you that are very comfortable on top-rope and want to take it to the next level ready for the outdoor season. We’ll teach you how to lead climb and belay safely, how to safely clip, safely fall and how to catch that fall! Number of sessions required dependent upon ability. We recommend more than one session in order to gain sufficient confidence to lead climb on your own.

Climbing 101

Currently unavailable

(2 hrs, once a week for 3-5 weeks, min 3 ppl)

*$32 (per session)

These sessions will take a climber through an entire skill set. This can include basic rope skills, technique, strength, belaying and lead climbing. Courses can be customized to the customers needs. Please chat with staff about desired outcomes and we can customize a course to suit you! Prices are based on a minimum of 3 people per class, signing up for a minimum of 3 classes.



Private coaching

(1 hr)


Private one-on-one, technique coaching.

Booking 1 week ahead recommended. Pay at the front desk to secure your spot. 

*Prices exclude admission.