Developmental Team

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The developmental team will meet Mondays 4 - 5pm and Wednesdays 5 - 6pm.
Attending both sessions is optional. It is intended for young climbers who are
interested in developing their climbing skills but are not yet ready for competitive
climbing or simply don't have an interest in that part of the sport. Training will
include technical, physical and mental skill development.

FALL SESSIONS September 17th 2019 to December 19th 2019
WINTER SESSIONS January 6th 2020 to March 20th 2020
SPRING SESSIONS March 30th 2020 to June 4th 2020

Cost: $178.50 for 10 sessions, $335 for 20. Gear can be rented for $50 for all sessions.

KID SPORT ASSISTANCE now available. Click here for the application form.