Birthday Parties

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Can I book a birthday party?

YES! You can book a birthday party from 12-2pm during our regular opening hours on the weekend (12-5pm). Regular weekend hours run from Thanksgiving to Easter.

$11.20 per youth (9-18 years)
$7.00 per child (5-8 years) 
8 youth maximum

$42 booking fee, includes 1 Cube staff to belay
$42 per additional belayer if required

We require that children under 10 are supervised by a 1:3 adult to child ratio. All children must have our online release signed by a parent or guardian. 

Belayers should be in our computer system and belay certified prior to the birthday party. You should attend a beginner top rope lesson the week prior if necessary Should you need assistance belaying for the birthday party, we have certified belayers available, $40 for the 2 hour session.

Please contact the CUBE in advance to make a booking.